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Molly J. uses high-quality, plant-based ingredients to create luxury confections that help ease the pain of our most common ailments like sleep interruptions, stress, and hangovers, among others.

Because every person deserves to chill.

From Our Founder, Shaina Kerrigan

It hit me at 36. I was a career-driven mom of two, juggling everything life threw at me with a smile on my face…until I wasn’t. Everything in my mind, body, and soul was telling me to slow down, but I felt guilted into staying productive, and I kept going. By the time I got to my “Mom-life Crisis,” I was burned out, stressed out, and so very exhausted. I knew I needed to make some changes in my life, starting with a new life motto: I deserved to relax.

A Better Way to Relax

After discovering cannabis to be a healthy source of relief, I began spreading the word to other Moms in Marin, California. We started holding in-home tupperware-style parties that always led me to the same realization:

Moms were in desperate need of a replacement for all the wine they were drinking, but they were hesitant to try cannabis for fear of getting high.

But there was genuine excitement around CBD, and with input from women at every party, we landed on an idea: Create a beautifully packaged CBD edible that feels like a treat at the end of a long day.

Quality Means Everything

From the start, we knew that quality needed to be the foundation, so we meticulously vetted over twenty CBD growers and manufacturers to find the best fit. We spent nine months developing our own proprietary gumdrop recipe and another two months perfecting the process and packaging. All so Moms — and overworked people everywhere — could simply bite into something sweet anytime they wanted to unwind.

We’re Just Getting Started

In January 2020, Molly J. debuted our very first CBD gumdrop — the Chill Formula in Berry Flavor — to rave reviews. Even though we’ve come a long way, we’re only just beginning this journey. Thanks for joining us, and don’t be a stranger. Tell us what you think, how we make you feel, and how we can keep making it better.

Shaina + the Molly J. team


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